What Is Incest – Uncensored Explanation With Images

What Is Incest - Side Effects - Uncensored Explanation
What Is Incest – Uncensored Explanation With Images

The first question that we must answer is what is incest?

Incest is the act of pursuing sexual relations within a family. The process involves physical as well as mental involvement between first degree relatives and also, in some cultures, distant cousins as well.

While the former is the more widely accepted definition of incest, the latter: ie. sexual relations between distant relatives, is allowed and celebrated in some cultures.

When we talk of first degree relations we are essentially dealing with familiar relations between siblings, biological parents and children, relationships with first cousins and also relationships with aunts or uncles.

The idea of incest within the four walls of a house constitutes one of the most universal rules of human culture. An act that is sometimes punishable by law, incestuous relations suffer not only from moral and religious ire, but also from legal and even medical issues.

In the following segment, we will ascertain what some of the dominant problems with incest are, so that one can form a detailed opinion regarding the same.

How Incest Happens

Some recent investigations have found that adolescent perpetrators of sibling abuse choose much younger sufferers, abuse victims over a period of time, use violence more regularly and severely than adult perpetrators. Whilst this is an intended practice of inbreeding, there are also cases of accidental incest. 

Accidental incest happens when two companions aren’t aware that they are related. The most common causes of accidental inbreeding are sperm donation, egg donation and children given up for adoption, which they later in life manage to find each other. Whilst doctors and institutions take good measures to avoid the risk by reducing a donor to father only a few babies, the unlikely odds aren’t the case sometimes. You can read more on accidental incest here.

What Are The Problems With Incest?

There are numerous problems with incest. These range from sociological problems to the more basic biological ones and even psychological issues. Some of these are:

Problems at a Biological Level

According to countless researches made by scientists and anthropologists; incest is a forbidden act due to the very serious biological repercussions that it gives rise to.

As it was researched by a noted Czech scientist team, the chances of an abnormal offspring being born of an incestuous relationship are fairly high.

As opposed to non-incestuous relations, there is a 40% increase in the birth defects that a progeny of incest can face. In the research process, Czech children who had parents who were first degree relatives turned out to show effects of serious genetic disorders.

This included:

  • Severe mental deficits inclusive of lower intellect
  • Physical malformations that were congenital
  • Autosomal recessive disorders

autosomal recessive inheritance

The issue of incest has been studied both by the medical industry as well as by sociologists. Most of these findings ascertain that the chief cause of malformations due to incest is due to the issues surrounding in-breeding.

As it has been demonstrated among plant species as well, self-pollination—where the plant inbreeds—can lead to inferior progeny rather than cross pollination.

The genetic similarity between the two phenomena is one that has fascinated scientists for a while now. As it has been nearly conclusively proved by the Czech research, however, the primary side effect of incest seems to be a marked inferiority in the qualities of the infant.

Sociological Effects

As many might be aware, incest is not just a medical problem. In fact, there are very few people who are aware of the proper scientific reasoning behind the idea of banning incest.

For most people in the world, the social taboo of incest is the one that is widely discussed. An act of incest in today’s modern society can have the following sociological implications:

Family Disjunction

The first and foremost effect of incest is the disjunction that it can cause within the family. Since human society functions on a set of rules and implications, the chances of the family members not accepting the relations are highly probable.

This is one of the principle effects of the act and from here on the repercussions radiate outward.

Alienation from Social Circles

The effect of incest that starts at the level of family disapproval can rapidly spread to the social level. Lack of communication, disinterest and complete alienation are some of the social effects of incest.

The reason, as many anthropologists put it, is because humans have an innate understanding of biological mechanisms. Though they may not know the full workings of the matter, human beings will shun incestuous pairs simply because they feel—on some deeper level—that the act is not conducive to a healthy, productive social life.

Psychological Effects

The third major after effect of incest is the influence that it has on the psychology of an individual. Feelings of shame, moral degradation and self-disgust are among some of the more dominant results of the act of incest.

This is partly due to the moral laws that are laid down regarding the act and also due to the connection between the mind and the body. When we look at the moral taboos, we are dealing not only with religion but also with school education, home teachings, social values and legal rules.

Morality, in the case of incest, is deeply connected with the institutes of Law, Religion and even Science.

Overall, the effect of incest on the human psyche can truly be devastating. From depression to suicidal tendencies, the consequences are astoundingly serious and this can be one of the reasons that it is considered such a taboo among all.

Effect on Children

Perhaps the most serious effect of incest is the one that the progeny born of these relations face. While the issues of social alienation, religious shunning and depression are something that the parents might face as well, the progeny often has the worst of the lot.

Since incest can lead to genetic deficiencies, many children are unable to live life to the utmost. Loss in the quality of life can lead to compounding abnormalities that might be debilitating.


When we consider the act of incest, we are immediately aware that “it is something wrong.” Since morality is something that is becoming individuated as the world is progressing, this is a phenomenon that needs to be talked about and understood.

The fact of the matter is that though the modern world advocates for freedom of sexual choice, there are some areas that should be scrutinized carefully before any judgment can be passed.

Incest is not only a social taboo, but it is a biological deterrent to a healthy life and that is a crucial angle which should be explored further.

Pictures of Real Inbred People

We have learnt that siblings’ genes are extremely similar to one another which imposes an enormous chance of an increased risk that an incest child would be born mentally-challenged, had a cosmetic defect accompanied by general health issues and a shorter life-span.

Similarly with animals, many purebred puppies such as Dalmatians are more likely to be born deaf, blind or dead.

incest people what is incest explained

    “Mackenzie Phillips has become the unofficial spokeswoman for consensual incest after she famously admitted to having a years-long affair with her father, John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas.

    Phillips wrote of the relationship, which began when she was still a teenager, in her memoir and told of her father’s desire to elope with Mackenzie to Mexico where they could change identities and raise Mackenzie’s younger siblings as their own children.

    Phillips’ younger sisters are torn on the issue, unsure of what to believe and upset that details of their family’s sordid history is up for public discussion.The situation reached an apex recently, when sister Chyna Phillips was hospitalized for anxiety relating to the issue.”

    “In June, 2004 Bruce McMahan eloped to England with his 35-year-old daughter. There was no wedding attire or officiant, but the couple exchanged rings at Westminster Abbey and posed for photos.Adopted at birth, Linda met Bruce for the first time in 1990, subsequently changed her last name to McMahan and began a sexual relationship with him in 1998.

    From there, Linda and Bruce decided to make their union official, despite the lack of papers, legality or a divorce from their prospective spouses.But after only a year, which was spent trying to hide their incestuous relationship, Bruce and Linda McMahan fell out after Linda refused to lie for Bruce’s divorce proceedings. Months of legal wranglings followed, with each party suing the other for everything from theft and extortion to defamation.”

    “When this Australian couple were famously interviewed by 60 minutes in April 2008, the world took notice. John and Jenny Deaves didn’t have a typical father-daughter relationship after the divorce between John and his daughter’s mother, though Jenny did sporadically spend time with him growing up.

    They reconnected in 2000 and both John and Jenny left their spouses to live together as a couple. They’ve had two children together, one dieing shortly after birth from a heart defect, and were arrested and charged with incest by an Australian court.

    After pleading guilty the Deaves were released by the courts, provided they stop the sexual part of their relationship, which they claimed they curtailed for fear of a prison sentence. The couple has since separated.”

    “Danielle and Nick didn’t grow up as brother and sister. Raised in foster care, Nick Cameron met his half-sister Danielle when she was twenty and he 26.After three weeks of knwoing each other they began a sexual relationship but were reported to authorities by their mother who walked in on them having sex.

    Incest in their native Scotland is a felony, and Heaney and Cameron were sentenced to nine months probation where they could not have verbal or physical contact. They now live together but claim to not be sexually intimate.When they were last interviewed the pair were contemplating a move to France, where incest is not a crime.”

What Is Incest - Uncensored Explanation

Oedipus The King – Product of incest

Recap of Facts About Incest

  • Incest can and does happen but most people do not like to talk about it
  • 93% of all reported offenders are male. Sexual abuse by female perpetrators may be under-reported and may include inappropriate intimacy, tickling, touching a child’s genitals, walking in on children while they are bathing or undressing
  • Children are very unlikely to make up stories of incest that has not actually happened
  • Incest typically goes on for several years prior to discovery. It is not confined to one child but can involve other children in a household
  • Children will most likely have ambivalent feelings toward the offender

Myths About Incest

  • Children are usually molested by strangers
  • It is a rare occurrence
  • The act only happens in lower income group homes
  • Only young girls are the victims
  • Women offend as frequently as men
  • The offending individuals are usually mentally unstable or psychotic
  • It is only homosexuals who abuse children
  • Children lie about it
  • Children are provocative and bring it on themselves

Hotline Help

USA – 800.656.HOPE (4673)

UK – 0800 085 3330

Source of incest photos: http://www.weirdworm.com/six-incestuous-couples


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